Tuesday, 23 May 2017

This is my Job's Dictionary
I created a dictionary for children, I have used a computer program called "Calaméo".
The images that I have used have been taken from a page called "pixabay"; all the images from that pages are for a free use (CC0).
During the dictionary work I have learnt to difference between the photos that we can use for everything and the ones that we can't.

Jobs Dicitonary

Monday, 24 April 2017

Google sites

We just work on our website, the theme was the one that we wanted, it has a lot of sections like Accesories, vehicles... I didn't found any difficulities

Friday, 21 October 2016

Social Sites

Resultado de imagen de instagram

Some of the advantages of the social sites, are that you can chat with people that is in another country or that you can make new friends or that you can find people.

But it also have some disadvantages, like that if you use the social sites you won't speak face to face, or that your face to face skills will be lost, or that people becomes shameful people.

Some of the differences between a traditional friend and a friend in social websites are that a traditional friend probably knows you since you were kids and the social friend don't knows you. Another thing can be that a traditional friend probablly nows your feelings and a cyber friend no.

I would suggest to the social sites owners that they have to increase the security

Resultado de imagen de whatsapp The cyberbullying is the use of telematic media to practice the psychological harassment between equals.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Travelling in Europe or around the world

In this article I will speak you about countries I travelled or I will like to travell.

Personally I don't travelled a lot around Europe. I only travelled to Paris and Rome, and in my opinion Rome is more beautiful than Paris but both of them are very curious cities. In Paris we have a lot of wonderfull places like the Eiffel tower or the cathedral of Notredam... In Rome we can see the Roman Coliseum the Pantheon and a lot of monuments of the style.

Some of the places that I want to go are the Caribe and the north of Europe. I want to go to the Caribe because of the beaches and the excellent clime; and I want go to the north of Europe countries like Great britain and Norway. I think that in great britain there are a lot of things and cities that we can see like london with the big ben, london eye backinham palace. I want go to Norway to see the very famous fjords.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Hello, It's me Markel
I don't like maincraft and I like other things